NEST Oracle statistics


Average quote density


Cumulative quotes


Average mining cost


NEST total transactions

NEST transactions includes NEST Protocol related transactions such as quotations and oracle calls

 Thousand times

Ethereum total transactions

 Ten thousand

Total NEST gas consumption

NEST gas consumption includes NEST protocol related transactions such as quotations and oracle calls


Total ethereum gas consumption

NEST Oracle performancs

System income


Hold NEST Annualized Return Rate (Yesterday)

The annualized return is calculated using the seven-day average annualized return, where the ETH and NEST prices are taken from the exchange's closing transaction price on the day


Savings fund balance

When the current system income is higher than the threshold, the savings contract will retain part of the income to the savings fund. The fund will return to the income contract when the system return is lower than the expected.

NToken Oracle statistics

Activated oracle:


NToken name

24h quote density

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